Use the data below to estimate your house.

Number of Window Panes
Number of Window Panes Interior & Exterior Exterior Only
1 – 20 $145 $100
21 – 25 $160 $110
26 – 30 $180 $120
31 – 35 $200 $130
36 – 40 $220 $140
41 – 45 $240 $155
46 – 50 $260 $165
51 – 55 $280 $180
56 – 60 $300 $195
61 – 65 $320 $205
66 – 70 $340 $220
71 – 75 $360 $235
76 – 80 $380 $245
81 – 85 $400 $260
86+ Call for pricing…

Free screen cleaning only applies to screens currently on Windows when both interior and exterior of windows are cleaned. Pricing system assumes all windows will be cleaned. If not all windows of home are being cleaned prices may vary. Pricing system does not include French pain or window panes that are larger then 5 feet in any one direction. For extra large or windows where ladders may be required to access additional costs may incur. Casement windows, and double hung / single hung windows may have additional cleaning costs as to the complexity in the cleaning process.

A 2 panel sliding glass door system is generally counted as 4 panes. For first time customers, we have this pricing system is to help provide customers a good idea of the costs of our services. Prior to any work beginning your window cleaning professional will provide a exact cost to that days job.

Here at Squeegee we provide a full service of your window cleaning needs. We do not offer separate packages, as in gold silver or platinum, we just figure out what you need and price it accordingly.

Only let skilled professional window cleaning technicians clean your windows.

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Squeegee Services will never be the cheapest bid you will receive.

San Diego has many excellent window cleaning providers and among the top companies we are very competitive.. Expect only the best results and services from us.

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ATTENTION Paint Over Spray , Stickers , Construction Debris that you may find on your windows can be removed but is not included in any estimate pricing unless previously discussed.

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