Enjoy our complete window washing services for your home. Whether you have a million dollar view or not, clean windows are a part of home maintenance, like it or not. And who doesn’t enjoy sparkling clean windows? It’s like a breath of fresh air.

While it may seem like a relatively simple task, window cleaning can be a dangerous and time consuming chore for home owners.

Without the proper knowledge, techniques and equipment, not only are streaks and smears are hard to avoid, but when ladder work is called for, safety also plays a part. We have the knowledge and patience to get the job done right and leave your windows sparkling clean, inside and out.

Experience You Can Trust

For 18 years, we have cleaned all types of windows: high, hard to access, large, small, or tinted… We offer multiple maintenance schedules: from deep cleaning both interior and exterior windows to basic exterior only washes.

Safety and protection of your property are given the highest priority during the cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

The glass is washed with environmentally friendly soap and window frames are wiped down with professional microfiber cleaning rags.

In addition to cleaning the glass (either by hand, or with a deionized water-fed brush, depending on the specifics of your property), we also carefully remove and wash the screens with soap and water.

After the windows have been cleaned and the screens dried, they are then secured back in the window frame.

Only professional window cleaning squeegees are used, and worn out squeegee rubbers are changed regularly for the best possible quality.

We Care About Your Home

When cleaning interior windows, booties are worn over shoes and drop cloths are placed on the floor to prevent dirty water from dripping onto the carpet or flooring. Ladder bonnets are placed on the top of ladders to prevent any markings on the walls when cleaning high windows inside.

Additional glass cleaning services are available. Such as, interior glass railings or doors, wardrobe, bath or mirrored walls, chandeliers, sky light and exterior glass fence cleaning.

See the difference professional window cleaning of your home can make. Rest assured that the streaky look left by paper towels and spray chemicals will be a thing of the past.

Close attention to detail is what sets Squeegee Services apart from other window cleaners in San Diego, California.